Social Media Marketing Training

Social Marketing Training – Basics
Our social media marketing consultants will teach your team how to engage in conversation with your brand and/or service in the major social media communities. Your training can include a single portal community or multiple social media networks; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, HubSpot and a multitude of other social networks. Social marketing strategies can traverse the global net-waves. We use best practices in all of our social marketing training courses.

Social Marketing Training – Website Presence/Blog (Online Touch Points)
Learn how to organize your corporate website/blog for maximum effectiveness in a social marketing campaign. Learn how to set up a viable editorial calendar for your Webmaster, Content Contributors, Authors & Editors.

Social Markeing Training – B2B lead Generation
Every business executive and professional can learn how to identify customers, clients & partners online, social media marketing exposes new prospects, and allows data gathering at an accelerated pace.

Social Marketing Training – Listening, Analysis & Measuring
Our social media marketing consulting team helps you to define, measure, analyze and place actionable metrics into positive social media marketing action plans. A large part of social marketing training is learning how to work with and identify valuable data for use.

Social Media Marketing Training – Policies, Governance & Reputation
The importance of brands, service; integrity in our business communities & cultures can quickly become diluted or eroded with a mouse-stroke. A formal policy or acceptable use policy should be reviewed and put in motion to help with guidelines in the blurred line between personal communication and corporate; given the easy access to the global network mobile devices; even if the corporate firewall block such intranet or internet traffic or portals.

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